Ionic Bath
alkaline filter
alkaline water cup
array brush
basin liner
detox arrays
detox essentials package
detox foot bath
detox foot patches
detox rectangle package
detox round package
detox waist belt
energy pendant
foot basin
foot patches
himalayan salt
himalayan salt lamp
laminated chart
nano wand
power cord
sea salt
wrist strap

4 Original Detox Foot Bath Machines

Lot of 4 Detox Ion Machines * 2009 model * Far Infrared Ray (FIR) belt with 3 power settings / modes * Digital LCD indicates current elapsed time, mode & power * 3 power modes & multiple polarity output * Max-quality, dual-coil array(s); stainless-steel internals * Re-usable arrays are rated for up to 100, 15min. sessions * (15-30 minute sessions recommended) * Unit tracks cumulative use; helps to time array life * Includes quick-detach, anti-static, 6′ wrist-strap * Wrist strap keeps the user grounded & eliminates static * Use worldwide; works with 110v & 220v power sources * Includes standard, 3-prong, grounded cord for USA use * Fan-cooled ABS chassis; durable, long-lasting construction * CE certified

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Price: $824.99

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