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8 Minute Detox Foot Bath Package

Download user manual 90 Days 0% Financing… now THAT is affordable We make it easy to own the best. With just a 50% initial deposit followed by 3 equal monthly payments of your remaining balance, you can start detoxing right away! Expect more from your money. Get more for your money. Call us at 1.888.91.DETOX and get started today!. 8 Minute Trade-Up Program DUE TO ITS OVERWHELMING SUCCESS, THE 8 MINUTE TRADE-UP PROGRAM HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JUNE 30TH, 2011 INDEFINITELY! We are so confident that our 8 Minute Detox machine will meet and exceed all of your expectations that we are offering to take your current detox machine in on trade. We want you to have the best. Let nothing stand in the way between you and the best detox experience possible. Does your detox foot spa require regular battery replacements? Do you want better technical support with a company that actually answers the phone? Would you like a more reliable detox experience with no useless buttons or switches? Are you worried about the safety of your current equipment? Would you like to own a product that is manufactured in the USA? Trade-in your used or defective detox foot bath – Aqua Chi, EB 305, EB Pro, Aqua Detox, Cell Spa, or any other ionic foot bath – toward the purchase of a new 8 Minute Detox Package. Join the hundreds of practitioners, salon and spa owners, and individuals who have experienced tremendous success with their 8 Minute Detox machine. My Detox Foot Bath will give you up to $400 toward the purchase of the 8 Minute Detox when you trade-in your ionic foot bath. Trade-in value is determined by the original purchase price of your ionic foot bath. For more details, please call us at 1.888.913.3869. Fastest Detox. Highest Profit. We currently have hundreds of holistic healers, massage studios, nail salons, day spas, physicians offices, chiropractors and therapists earning hundreds of dollars per week in extra income by offering one simple service: The 8 Minute Detox Economics for the 8 Minute Detox Package is very straight forward. Since we recommend the 8 Minute Detox to be used by practitioners, we will use its associated numbers for our demonstration. The most common session length is 30 minutes. We have been researching the effectiveness and reasons for this longer session time and we have found great success with increasing the quality and strength of the power source to allow for more stable and faster detox sessions. Our 8 Minute Detox machine is up to 4X AS FAST as more expensive units! Here is an illustration of an average practitioner’s daily revenue stream chart from the 8 Minute footbath program. 8 Minute Profit Chart Sessions Per Day 2 4 6 8 Daily Revenue @$40 Per Session $80 $160 $240 $320 Materials Cost* $6 $12 $18 $24 Adjusted Daily Revenue $74 $148 $222 $296 Percent Return on 8 Minute Detox Investment 8% 16% 24% 33% *Materials Cost per session is estimated at $2 for array depreciation, $0.50 for liners, and $0.50 for water, cleaner, and salt. Technical Details * Input Power: 115V AC * Output Power: 13.8V DC * 10 Amp Constant * 12 Amp Surge * 8A Fuse Protection * Thermal shut off protection * Made of all metal construction * Dual transistors with cooling fins * Zinc plated internal hardware * LED operating lights * 5 year warranty * Made in the USA * Hologram warranty seal Product Features 10 Amp Power Supply Clean, Safe, and Reliable power. The power source is THE most important part of a detox machine. The 8 Minute Detox Machine is capable of suporting a 10 amp load versus an industry average of 2.3 amps. This means our machine does not have to work at a 100% duty cycle to get the results you need. This also allows us to run a fanless unit offering you the peace and tranquility you need when acheiving a more natural balance during detox. Thermal Protection The 8 Minute Detox Foot Bath comes standard with thermal protection, an industry first. Until recently, Detox Machines came equipped with cooling fans only. Issues arise when dust and debris are spread throughout the machine. During the design of the 8 Minute Detox, the fan was removed and replaced with an industry first thermal protection fuse. In the rare event of high heat, the thermal fuse will safely shut off the machine protecting you and the circuitry from further damage. Fused Protection In addition to thermal protection, the 8 Minute Detox Foot Bath also comes standard with fused AC protection. In the event there is a spike in electrical current, The machine will enter a safety shutdown mode until the fuse is replaced. Fuses are available at your local electronics supply store or hardware store. Please contact us if you need help obtaining replacement fuses. Assembled in the USA? Manufactured in the USA! We have been selling, assembling, and most recently doing engineering improvements to our 8 Minute Detox machine. As of our latest 2010 model, we have performed enough modifications to the design to call the unit Manufactured in the USA! More improvements are coming too! Expect great things in the future. What’s Included (1) 8 Minute Detox Machine v1.1 (1) Detox Foot Basin (4) Detox Rectangle Arrays (1) 16oz bag of sea salt (1) Roll of 100 basin liners

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Price: $949.99

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