Ionic Bath
alkaline filter
alkaline water cup
array brush
basin liner
detox arrays
detox essentials package
detox foot bath
detox foot patches
detox rectangle package
detox round package
detox waist belt
energy pendant
foot basin
foot patches
himalayan salt
himalayan salt lamp
laminated chart
nano wand
power cord
sea salt
wrist strap

8 Minute Professional Detox Foot Bath

The 8 Minute Detox Machine Download user manual Special 90 Day 0% Financing Available! 50% initial deposit, followed by 3 equal monthly payments of your balance. Call us at 1.888.91.DETOX. The 8 Minute Detox Machine runs on 8 minute cycles. Compared to the typical 30-minute cycles that’s nearly 4x as fast. This machine will not only save you time but will allow for more detox customers to benefit from the machine itself while your business benefits financially! Unlike other competitors detox machines witch are imported from china, Our Professional 8 Minute Detox Machine is made in-house here in the USA. Top of the line detox machines can easily sell upwards of $2,500 USD, and we are offering our machine for a fraction the price. We are dedicated to ensuring the right products get into the hands of the right customers – worry free! On this specific product we offer a 5-year hassle-free warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. Detox Foot Spa Trade-in Special! Does your detox foot spa require a new battery every two years? Do you experience little or no customer service or support? Does your unit break down frequently? Do you have safety concerns regarding your ionic foot bath? DUE TO ITS OVERWHELMING SUCCESS, MYDETOX IONIC FOOT BATH TRADE-IN SPECIAL HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JUNE 30, 2011 INDEFINITELY! Trade-in your used or defective detox foot bath – Aqua Chi, EB 305 or EB Pro, Aqua Detox

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