Ionic Bath
alkaline filter
alkaline water cup
array brush
basin liner
detox arrays
detox essentials package
detox foot bath
detox foot patches
detox rectangle package
detox round package
detox waist belt
energy pendant
foot basin
foot patches
himalayan salt
himalayan salt lamp
laminated chart
nano wand
power cord
sea salt
wrist strap

A1 Dual Detox Foot Bath

Dual Digital Foot Spa with LCD display and Far Infrared Sauna Belt is a professional detoxification system that helps with total body purification. You will receive: Product Includes: Click here for instructions Digital, easy-to-use, Ionic Detoxification Foot Spa w/ LCD display 2 Far Infrared / Bamboo Charcoal Waist Belt to aid in the ionization process 2 arrays for up to 50 sessions Convenient aluminum carrying case for portability 220 volt and 110 volt power support for worldwide use Actual letter from Dr. Pinder

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Price: $999.99

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