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Dual MP3 Detox Foot Bath

Dual MP3 Detox Foot Bath Machine The NEW 2011 Dual Ionic Footspa is a professional detox foot spa that will help you with total body purification. Ions are molecules that often carry a positive or negative charge. When the machine is turned on, many Ions are created in the water. When the unit is then set to positive, the arrays current is directed to the positive pole, which then produces more negative ions in the water inducing a positive polarity that generates a negative ion flow that then will raise blood pH from acidic toward alkaline in scientific studies. Specifications * (1) Digital Detoxification foot spa with LCD display and MP3 capability. * (2) Stainless steel Arrays for up to 50 sessions each array. * (2) ear bud headphones. * (2) wrist straps. * (1) Power cord. * (1) USB cord. * (1) Owners manual Customer Testimonials: “I have had treatment at my doctor before. I have joint pain from my arthritis and this unit really helps me manage it! I then got tired of always going to the doctor so decided to obtain one for myself. I love it, I get great results! I am now a reseller and my customers love them. I look forward to continued success with the product. I have one specific customer who has liver cancer and he swears by the unit, I have given him treatments in the past and the water was so black I could not believe it!!” “My wife and I ordered two Ionic Detox Foot Spa devices for our practice. Our clients could not be more thrilled. We use them also and have found them to be every bit as good as the much more expensive Aqua Chi or IonCleanse foot spas. If you are looking for a device for home or professional use that is affordable and just as powerful as the more expensive units then the Detox Foot Spa is perfect for you. The people at” FREE carrying case included

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Price: $189.99

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