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Medium Himalayan Salt Lamp

NEW Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp Small 3-5 Lbs (1) Small 3-5 lbs Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamps (1) Plug n Play: Lamp comes complete with 6′ UL listed power cord with on/off switch, polarized plug and 15W bulb. A Look Inside The Himalayan Caves Our Salt Lamps are made with millions of years old salt crystals, mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. Known for its ability to ionize the air, thus enhancing our well being and improving health. These Salt Lamps are carefully handcrafted, retaining their original shape and making them one of a kind. Features: Hand carved to retain unique natural look & beauty of salt crystals, so no two crystals are alike. Heating the salt with a bulb or a candle creates an effect similar to an ionizer. This ionizing effect has many healthful benefits. Heat of light/flame is dissipated within the salt, making the outside cool to the touch. Benefits: In ancient times and even today, it is used as a natural alternative in the treatment for a variety of ailments. Seasonal affective disorder, depression, allergies, insomnia, fatigue. It is important to note that the benefits are subjective and are based on proximity and duration of exposure. They will release negative ions into the air. They will purify the air. It’s relaxing appearance will help you rest and reduce stress. It will help relieve asthma, sinus and allergy symptoms. Where to Use Salt Crystal Lamps: Office/cubicle Allergy/sinus condition sufferers Children’s night lamp Convalescents Environments with pets, high pollen counts, smoking, or other atmospheric inhibitors.

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Price: $27.99

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