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Original Detox Foot Bath Package

Original Detox Package: This Original Ionic Detox Foot Bath with Infrared Heat Belt is a home grade foot detox foot bath machine. This detox foot bath generates negative ions that help the body’s natural detoxification processes work more effectively and efficiently. It includes a far infrared belt that functions separately from the detox foot bath, allowing them to be used in any combination. Our package includes everything you need to start detoxing upon arrival, no running around to multiple stores to buy all the extras you need. Your Original Detox Foot Bath Package Includes: * Free Expert Detox Phone Consultations: To maximize results from ionic detox, our staff are ready to help you make sure that your body is well prepared to release the toxins that will be generated from this therapy (through urination, defecation and perspiration). * (1) Original Detox Foot Bath * Ten 30-50 Session Arrays * Tub basin – Professional quality for home or business – sturdy with rim around perimeter makes for secure transport of 3 gallons of water. * 100 Plastic Liners for Basins. * 16 oz Bag of Pacific Sea Salt. * Bamboo charcoal far infrared ray (FIR) belt with width extensions to accommodate wider waistlines. * Wrist strap for grounding. * Aluminum carrying case to protect machine and organize accessories. * Step by step operating instructions that make learning to use the foot bath system simple and easy. * Warranty covering defects in material and workmanship for one year. Specifications * The Original Foot Bath operates at 15 Volts, 0-2.5 Amps and 45 Watts. * You get Two great therapies in one device – Ionic detoxand far infrared therapy (FIR). During detox foot bath sessions, you can also use the FIR belt to relieve muscle aching, increase the cell’s activities and also accelerate your bloods circulation. FIR belt or e-stim may also be used independent of ionic detox. Three different intensity levels are available with your FIR belt. * User Friendly – includes three ionization intensity levelsand treatment time control. Note: For all levels of ion intensity, the unit provides positive electrode polarity (negative ionization) for the first 10 minutes, negative electrode polarity (positive ionization) for the middle 10 minutes and positive electrode polarity (negative ionization) for the final 10 minutes. * Can Use Worldwide – Operates from 220/230 volt AND 110/120 volt power sources (plug adapter needed for Australia or United Kingdom). Safe to Operate – It has the passed the CE (European Conformity) electrical safety standards.

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Price: $284.99

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